Author Spotlight: Hilary Grossman

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Rebecca Nolen

I’m spotlighting a new author. Hillary Grossman wrote a book about her relationship struggles with a man she loved but who would not commit. This is Hillary’s story:

headshot 1 -not shrunkIt could have been a scene from a movie or a chick lit book. It was like fate orchestrated the encounter. I was twenty-seven years old when I met him, the man of my dreams.  He was everything I could wish for. He was smart, funny, successful, an amazing cook, and he lived in a beautiful home on the beach!  I was so happy, initially.  But soon I learned there was a problem.  A big problem.

He was beyond commitment-phobic.  Forget about not wanting to get married, he barely wanted to have a relationship….

Call me naive or call me stupid, I didn’t let this bother me.  It may have something to do with the fact that I was extremely familiar with…

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