Five Star Treatment – Animal Alphabet Search by John A. Priest

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Today I am delighted to feature a children’s author, John A. Priest. Children need to be gently drawn into the delights of books. The earlier that they start to hold a book in their hands and marvel at the brightly coloured illustrations that identify the magic of words the better. John has written several books and they have passed the ultimate test.. grandchildren!

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About the book.

Learn your ABC’s & 1,2,3’s. The book contains animals which have the letters hidden in their bodies. the children have to find them and count them, checking their answers at the back of the book.

This is fun learning at its best! Ideal for any child from baby to 5 years. Animal Alphabet Search helps children with: Counting Numbers 1-12. Number recognition. Animal recognition. Animal names. Letter recognition & Alphabet comprehension. Your child will enjoy the search for the hidden letters. Together with your…

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