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Animal Alphabet Search

A great book for your baby and child up to age 5 years. Assists with recognition of the Alphabet, counting numbers and recognising animals and their names. But don’t take my word for it – Readers’ Favorite gave it a Five Star seal of approval! Why not take a look?

Little Miss Straight Tail

This poor little piglet was born without a curly tail. Her brothers, sisters and all the other pigs have nice, tight, curly tails.

Little Miss Straight Tail tries everything to make her tail curly and springy, but nothing ever works. One day she hears an animal crying for help and goes to their rescue. Her bravery changes her life forever, but does it help her get a curly tail? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

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Peter Challenge Time Surfer  

  Peter Challenge is just your ordinary, everyday, young boy. He can think of nothing worse than going to a boring shop to buy boring wallpaper for his boring bedroom.

         The spooky lady in the shop calls Peter by his name, but how does she know him? She hands Peter a roll of wallpaper and he feels compelled to take it. That’s when really strange things occur at home.

         Peter’s bedroom is finally completed.             

         Lying in bed, he wonders who the two unhappy figures on the wallpaper might be. He drifts off to sleep only to be woken by a soft voice calling his name…

Book 1 in the Peter Challenge Time Surfer adventures – a Time Travel Sci-Fi & Fantasy series

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Oyster Books:

The next two books are from the series starring the JPIs or Junior Private Investigators.

Book 1: Jay-Pea-Eyes aka Junior Private Investigators in The Boomerang Mystery

Jay Pea Eyes Front

The JPIs can solve a mystery faster than the police can!

These whodunits can be read by boys/girls aged between 7 years unto 10 years. Both books have chapters to aid children in reading longer books.

and Book 2:

The Curse of Sea Shell Cave 

Curse of Sea Shell Cave

Curse of Sea Shell Cave

The Jay-Pea-Eyes solve a mystery even while they’re on holiday!