Latest News from Draft2Digital

Any writers out there who are are reading that we need to have mailing lists to succeed in our writing businesses need to read this article by Joshua Unruh:

Joshua Unruh has supplied some great information in his post. He explains that Draft2Digital will supply a page which is added to the back of your ebook that contains your new releases and this will link to a Landing page on their other site for readers,

This will be ideal for any authors who don’t understand how to design their own links, landing pages or how to use MailChimp etc for building mailing lists.

Oh, and while I’m on the subject of mailing lists, please, please, please check into policies on PRIVACY!

I am no professional when it comes to Policies required on author sites, but to me, if we are collecting names or email addresses or any sort of private/personal information, then we must state where and how we use that information and how securely it is kept. We all sign up for various free guides/books/shopping inf without thinking, but these sites should have a Privacy Policy amongst others.

Gone are the days when we just wrote a book …

My advice is: Seek advice from solicitors (UK) or Lawyers (USA etc).


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